Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne
Nathaniel Hawthorne

Nathaniel Hawthorne was born in 1804 in the Massachusetts Bay colony. His father was a sea captain and a member of the East India Marine Society. Nathaniel is famous for his books, The Scarlet Letter and The House of Seven Gables. He also wrote many other novels such as My Kinsman, Roger Malvin Burial, Major Molineux, and Young Goodman Brown. His use of symbolism and allegory makes him one of the most studied writers.

Works and Career

Hawthorne was among the best composition writer while in school. He always had a dream of becoming a writer. So, he wrote some short stories even before his graduation. He started his career as an editor for American magazines, thereby gaining useful knowledge. Later in his early career, he got an appointment to measure salt and coal in the Boston custom house. He had an annual salary of one thousand five hundred dollars. However, Hawthorne realized that his political appointment was keeping him away from his true passion. So, he decided to quit and concentrate on writing short novels and magazines. However, he went into some other form of business that failed like his investment in Brook farms. After that, he channeled all his energy into his writing.

Personal life

Hawthorne fell in love with Sophia Peabody and married her on 9th July 1842. The marriage ceremony took place in the Peabody Parlor on West Street in Boston. After their marriage, both moved to the Old Manse in Concord, Massachusetts, where they stayed for three years. Hawthorne’s wife, Sophia, loved living in her shell, secluding herself from society.

Aside from his book, his wife was the other reason for his happiness. He saw her as a dove and companion. Hawthorne’s wife also loved him and his works. She even wrote about him in one of her journals. They had three children.

Hawthorne met lots of celebrities and strong personalities such as Abraham Lincoln and wrote extensively about them. In the 1852 presidential elections, he wrote a campaign biography for his friend Pierce. Later, Pierce appointed Hawthorne as the American Consul to Great Britain for his efforts. As a result of his appointment, Hawthorne lived in England from 1853 to 1857. It was where he got the inspiration to write another book, “Our Old Home.” After his service, he moved back to America with his family following an extended vacation to Italy.

Hawthorne was a man of many skills. He had a passion for writing, business, and also politics.  Hawthorne’s health began to deteriorate in 1860, and he finally died in 1864. However, he died in his sleep in 1864 from stomach pains and was buried in Sleepy Hollow Cemetery, Concord, Massachusetts.  But his memory will always remain fresh in the heart of readers every time they read his books.


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