Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte
Emily Bronte

Emily Bronte was born on July 30, 1818, in Thornton, Yorkshire, England, and became very popular thanks to her novel Wuthering Heights. Emily Bronte worked with sisters Charlotte and Anne who were exceptional writers. Her father, Reverend Patrick Bronte, had huge success as a writer too. so it is no surprise she had a passion for writing at a very tender age. Emily Bronte was the 5th Child. Her mother was Maria Branwell Bronte, who died of cancer in 1821 a few months after the family moved to Haworth.

Career and Education

Emily Bronte first attended the Clergy Daughters School at Cowan Bridge alongside her sisters at the age of 6. After the death of two of her siblings from tuberculosis, she was retrieved from the school. She began her writing career at home but later attended Miss Whooler’s school in Roe Head but could not last for more than a few months because of her shy nature and her health. She found another job at Law Hill School in 1837 but left her position in other to travel to Brussels in 1842. She had to return home after the passing away of her Aunt Elizabeth Gaskell.

Emily Bronte Wrote a lot of books, and her earliest fictional book was called Gonal, which her sister Anne wrote. Emily and Anne wrote both poems and prose about imaginary places, inhabitants, and countries. She had another sister, Charlotte that also had great writing skills. Emily and her sister Charlotte wrote books and poems together while one of Emily’s brothers, Branwell was also a writer and a painter. Some notable poems that she wrote with her sisters were Poems by Currer, Ellis, and Action Bell. Her defining work was Wuthering Heights, which she published in 1847.

Personal life

Emily Bronte died just a year after the publication of the Wuthering Heights. She was just 30. Initially, the book was a failure, but after her death, the book developed a reputation as a literary masterwork. Emily died and did not know her book would be a classical English Novel. She died of tuberculosis at the age of 30 on December 19, 1848. She had refused all medical remedies thinking that doctors would poison her. But she asked to see a doctor a few hours before she died, but by then it was too late. Emily’s sister Anne who wrote many books and poems with her, also died of tuberculosis the following May.


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