Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte
Charlotte Bronte

Charlotte Bronte, English 19th-century novels and poetry writer, was born on April 21, 1816, in West Riding in Thornton, Yorkshire. She was the eldest girl in the Bronte family, made up of four sisters and a brother Branwell. Charlotte’s father was an Irish Anglican clergyman. Charlotte’s mother died of a chronic illness called cancer in 1821. The father had no choice than to send them to the clergy daughter’s school at cowan Bridge in Lancashire.

At home in Haworth Parsonage, Bronte was like a mother and a teacher to her siblings. In May 1846, Charlotte and her sisters, Emily and Anne, single-handedly financed their poetry collection Poems by Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell. Charlotte Bronte wrote her first known poem at the age of thirteen in 1829, and other 200 poems which were published in their homemade magazine alongside with her sister. These write-ups prepared Bronte sisters for literary vocations in adulthood.

Educational Background

She attended school in Lancashire. The school at the cowan bridge was poorly maintained that it almost affected her health and physical development, which led to the death of Maria and Elizabeth. The school in question was the same as the Lowood School we saw in Jane Eyre. During 1831 & 1832, Bronte met her lifetime friends while schooling at Roe Head in Mirfield. Charlotte later got a job at the school but chose to return to Haworth.

Personal life

Bronte had a blissful and successful marriage with Arthur Bell Nicholls, who is her father curate. The marriage wouldn’t have held because Bronte with her father, turned down the marriage proposal of Nicholls as a result of his poor financial background. Elizabeth Gaskell, who believed that the marriage would provide clear and defined duties that, will benefit her as a woman. Advised her to marry Nicholls; as a result of that advice, Bronte went on to marry Nicholls without the consent of her father. Bronte is of slight build and less than five feet tall. Bronte watched her siblings die very early. Her brother Branwell died, and Emily, who is known for one Bronte work, wuthering heights, died of tuberculosis too. Also, Charlotte got pregnant in June 1854 following her marriage, but on March 31, 1855, she died from hyperemesis gravidarum, a complication of pregnancy, which causes excessive nausea vomiting.

Later Works

Charlotte Bronte, A writer all her life, published her first novel, Jane Eyre, in 1847. Though the book criticized society’s treatment of women from poor backgrounds, it was still a big hit. Her first novel, The Professor, didn’t fly as publishers rejected it but later published it in 1857. In 1833 Charlotte wrote “The Green Dwarf” but used Wellesley.  About 1833, she shifted from the supernatural to realistic stories. While caring for her sick father, she wrote Jane Eyre, which was published in 1847. Charlotte published Shirleyin in 1848 and Villette in 1853.


Charlotte Bronte was one of the English writers in the19th-century whose novel Jane Eyre is seen and considered a classic of western literature. She was a writer all her life. One of the greatest books of hers, Jane Eyre, is believed to have been written based on personal experience, which she transformed into a novel with universal acceptance. Her autobiography technique allowed her to expand her social and spiritual maturity. This prolific female writer has made an indelible mark in the heart of her readers and will be not be forgotten.


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