Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Antoine De Saint-Exupery was a French pilot and a writer, born on the 29th of June 1900 into a noble family in Lyon, France. He was the third among five children. The death of his father made the family go into financial hardship in 1909 which led to their relocated to the East.

In 1917, Saint Exupéry passed the baccalaureate assessment. Also, in June 1917, he saw the American soldiers in France for the Allies in World War I. That same year, Saint Exupéry moved to Paris and went to classes at the Lycee Saint Louis. He at that point tried to enter the French Naval Academy, in Brest. It was his dream to become a marine officer, but couldn’t gain admission into the French Naval Academy. Instead, he was called up by the French Air Force in 1921 however not as a pilot.

Saint-Exupéry went to a catholic school, Jesuit Schools in France at an early age and then was sent to a boarding school in Switzerland. He also went to a college prep institution in Paris after World War 1 when he returned to France. He then went to the Ecole de Beau-Arts to study architecture.

Saint-Exupéry’s marriage

Saint-Exupéry got married in 1931 to his Wife Consuelo Suncin, a Salvadorian author and artist. Their marriage had issues, because of Saint-Exupéry’s many extra-marital affairs and the fact that he was not always available. It was in one of his journeys that his plane crashed in the Sahara Desert. He survived with his copilot, but they wandered the desert and almost died of dehydration before their rescue.

Saint-Exupéry’s works

Saint-Exupéry was motivated by his experiences as a pilot during his different trips. His first book, The Aviator, was published in 1926 when he got back from flying as a mail pilot.  He was both a pilot and a writer. In 1939, Saint-Exupéry Wind, Sand and Stars memoir, won a Grand prize for novel writing from the Academia Francaise and National Book Award in the United States.

His second book, Southern Mall, got published in 1929. This book was written from the events of an airfield while he was in charge of the Sahara. The book celebrated the bravery of pilots. In 1931, another book, Night Flight, was published after his two-year assignment from Argentina. The Night Flight became his actual literary success and became a Hollywood film in 1933.

His other books include; Flight to Aras of 1942, Letter to a Hostage of 1942, The Little Prince published in 1943.


Antoine De Saint-Exupéry had a dual occupation, a pilot, and a writer. The plane was a significant tool that Saint-Exupery used in discovering the world. He certainly excelled both in his career as a pilot and his hobby as a writer.


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